Blog Tour w/ Excerpt: The Lost Codex by Heather Lyons


A couple of days ago we celebrated the release day of THE LOST CODEX, the fourth and final book in the Collector’s Society series by Heather Lyons.

All information regarding the book and author can be found here, because this post is all about an amazing excerpt!

PS: In case you haven’t read this series yet, you’re safe to read the excerpt, it has no spoilers! 😉

Read below for an exclusive excerpt!

My window is opened, tiny as it may be, and I do not waste it. I dart forward, the vorpal blade firm in my hand as I mentally count down seconds. The beast releases a mournful gurgle of frustration, its elongated whiskers and scaly jowls limply sagging around massive teeth. When I skid to a stop, the tips of my leather boots collide with its tail.
Another gurgle sounds, one ripe with helpless fury.
A satchel is thrown to the ground before I pry thick scales off with the end of my blade. “My apologies.” I gasp as I wrench off bits of its tough hide. “I promise, I’ll depart momentarily.”
Its body shudders, as if allowed, it would quake with indignation. Once I reach the count of ten, I shove my treasure into the satchel and sprint out of the jabberwocky’s lair.
The earth beneath my feet rumbles.
Jubjub birds explode from the trees at the sheer intensity of the beast’s wrath.
Rumbling turns to assured quaking.
Four. Three.
I barrel over broken branches and bushes, my hair snagging upon greedy twigs.
I shift my sword, lifting up a free arm.
Jace grabs hold, lifting me up to settle between his chest and his stallion’s withers. I take hold of the reigns, laughter burbling from the both of us as we gallop through the remaining thicket. Bursting into the Dark Meadows, sunlight warms my face. My smile is so wide, my cheeks hurt. My lungs sting, the breath from them comes in exhilarated bursts.
The Caterpillar often accuses me of enjoying life on the edge of my blade. His point holds validity, because goodness, do I feel alive right now.

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Bonus: In case you’re interested, I’ve read the first two books in this series already and I’ve written a review for each. Check them out here below:

Let me know what you think of this excerpt in the comments below! If you haven’t started reading this series, will you? Because I think that if you love retellings (especially Alice in Wonderland) that this series is perfect for you! Happy reading! ♥

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