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Hi everyone!

First of all, I wish you a merry Christmas and a very happy new Year. May your 2017 be filled with love and happy memories!

You might remember that in one of my last posts, I said I was going to pick up blogging again. Unfortunately it didn’t happen… which you can obviously see from the amount of posts I’ve posted since then…I just don’t have the time anymore and I often don’t have the inspiration to write.

I think I knew this day would come but just wasn’t  ready to admit it. I had a wonderful time creating this blog and I don’t regret anything. I had the to chance to meet a couple of authors and a whole lot of amazing book bloggers. The blogging community’s just AMAZING! The creativity some people have is insane znd mind blowing!

Now. I may be quiting with my WordPress blog, but I’m certainly not quiting reading! You can still find me on Goodreads and I will still keep my bookish instagram: @Melissa_reads!

Wishing you all the best and again, thanks for the many good memories!! 💜

Recent Release #84: two mysteries and a romance


Dead Girls Society by Michelle Krys

21897920Series: standalone
Genre: YA, contemporary, mystery/thriller
Release date: November 8th 2016
Publisher: Delacorte Press
Length: 304 pages

You are cordially invited to participate in a game of thrills and dares. Tell no one, and come alone. If you dare.

Hope is sick of everyone treating her like she’s breakable. Sure, she has cystic fibrosis (basically really bad lungs), but she’s tired of being babied by her mom and her overprotective best friend, Ethan, not to mention worrying about paying for her expensive medication and how she’s going to afford college. And she’s bored with life in her run-down New Orleans suburb.

When an invitation arrives from a mysterious group that calls itself the Society, Hope jumps at the chance for some excitement. This could be her ticket out. All she has to do is complete a few dares and she might win some real money.

But the Society isn’t all it seems . . . and soon Hope finds that playing the game isn’t a choice—it’s a requirement.

Little note: You might know Michelle Krys from the Hexed series! I haven’t read it yet, but this sounds so good!

This Is Our Story by Ashley Elston

23341252Series: standalone
Genre: YA, contemporary, mystery/thriller
Release date: November 15th 2016
Publisher: Disney Hyperion
Length: 320 pages

No one knows what happened that morning at River Point. Five boys went hunting. Four came back. The boys won’t say who fired the shot that killed their friend; the evidence shows it could have been any one of them.

Kate Marino’s senior year internship at the District Attorney’s Office isn’t exactly glamorous—more like an excuse to leave school early that looks good on college applications. Then the DA hands her boss, Mr. Stone, the biggest case her small town of Belle Terre has ever seen. The River Point Boys are all anyone can talk about. Despite their damning toxicology reports the morning of the accident, the DA wants the boys’ case swept under the rug. He owes his political office to their powerful families.

Kate won’t let that happen. Digging up secrets without revealing her own is a dangerous line to walk; Kate has her own reasons for seeking justice for Grant. As she and Stone investigate—the ageing prosecutor relying on Kate to see and hear what he cannot—she realizes that nothing about the case—or the boys—is what it seems. Grant wasn’t who she thought he was, and neither is Stone’s prime suspect. As Kate gets dangerously close to the truth, it becomes clear that the early morning accident might not have been an accident at all—and if Kate doesn’t uncover the true killer, more than one life could be on the line…including her own.

Little note: The thing that got me interested in this book is the cover. It’s so simple, yet extremely mysterious and detailed. I’m very curious to see if the book will live up to my (somewhat high) expectations!

Pull Me Close by Sidney Halston

Series: Panic #128587609
Genre: (NA), contemporary romance
Release date: October 25th 2016
Publisher: Loveswept
Length: 240 pages

Welcome to Panic, a sultry Miami nightclub where bodies and hearts move to a beat that doesn’t stop at sunrise—the setting for “a magnificent story full of deep emotion” (Sawyer Bennett).

Katherine: I thought I could enjoy a night out like a normal person. I thought I could handle the flashing lights, the pulsing music, the crowded dance floor. I couldn’t have been more wrong. After having an anxiety attack and passing out during my sister’s engagement party at Panic, I wake up in the arms of the hottest guy I’ve ever seen. Nick Moreno’s no gentleman. But he might just be the man I need to help me take control of my life.

Nick: When I hear there’s some random girl passed out in the back room of my family’s South Beach nightclub, I’m pissed. My dad’s already behind bars and we can’t afford any more bad press. But after giving her a lift—literally—back to her apartment, I stop seeing Katherine Wilson as some random girl. She’s gorgeous, vulnerable, and braver than she knows. And when we kiss, all I want to do is pull her close and promise that she’ll always be safe in my arms.

Little note: This one has been released a couple of days ago, but I had to share it. If you love romances with a little bad boy twist, I think this one will be perfect for you!

Blog Tour w/ Excerpt: The Lost Codex by Heather Lyons


A couple of days ago we celebrated the release day of THE LOST CODEX, the fourth and final book in the Collector’s Society series by Heather Lyons.

All information regarding the book and author can be found here, because this post is all about an amazing excerpt!

PS: In case you haven’t read this series yet, you’re safe to read the excerpt, it has no spoilers! 😉

Read below for an exclusive excerpt!

My window is opened, tiny as it may be, and I do not waste it. I dart forward, the vorpal blade firm in my hand as I mentally count down seconds. The beast releases a mournful gurgle of frustration, its elongated whiskers and scaly jowls limply sagging around massive teeth. When I skid to a stop, the tips of my leather boots collide with its tail.
Another gurgle sounds, one ripe with helpless fury.
A satchel is thrown to the ground before I pry thick scales off with the end of my blade. “My apologies.” I gasp as I wrench off bits of its tough hide. “I promise, I’ll depart momentarily.”
Its body shudders, as if allowed, it would quake with indignation. Once I reach the count of ten, I shove my treasure into the satchel and sprint out of the jabberwocky’s lair.
The earth beneath my feet rumbles.
Jubjub birds explode from the trees at the sheer intensity of the beast’s wrath.
Rumbling turns to assured quaking.
Four. Three.
I barrel over broken branches and bushes, my hair snagging upon greedy twigs.
I shift my sword, lifting up a free arm.
Jace grabs hold, lifting me up to settle between his chest and his stallion’s withers. I take hold of the reigns, laughter burbling from the both of us as we gallop through the remaining thicket. Bursting into the Dark Meadows, sunlight warms my face. My smile is so wide, my cheeks hurt. My lungs sting, the breath from them comes in exhilarated bursts.
The Caterpillar often accuses me of enjoying life on the edge of my blade. His point holds validity, because goodness, do I feel alive right now.

Don’t forget to add it your Goodreads here!

Bonus: In case you’re interested, I’ve read the first two books in this series already and I’ve written a review for each. Check them out here below:

Let me know what you think of this excerpt in the comments below! If you haven’t started reading this series, will you? Because I think that if you love retellings (especially Alice in Wonderland) that this series is perfect for you! Happy reading! ♥

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October Wrap up

First of all, I apologize for the lack of posting! Lately I have been extremely tired and didn’t have much energy to start working on my blog during my very few free hours.

But, I’m going to try to make it better this month! Starting with a (late *smiles shyly*) wrap up! October was the month of pumpkins and ghost and candy… and I loved it. For the first time in years I’ve read multiple YA horrors, which was so much fun! I’ve also realized that Halloween is one of my favorite days of the year 😀

What I’ve read

  1. Famous Last Words by Katie Alender (audiobook): ★★★★
  2. The House by Christina Lauren: ★★★★
  3. Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs: ★★
  4. Say Her Name by James Dawson: ★★★
  5. Anna Dressed in Blood by Kendare Blake: ★★★★★
  6. Defiance by CJ Redwine: ★★★★

Anna Dressed in Blood was – despite its flaws – my favorite read of the month! I actually love ghost stories and this one had the perfect creepy/swoon ratio. I had bought the sequel but didn’t have the time to read it, so I definitely will in November.

A Drop of Night was also one I was dying to read but didn’t found the time to.

What I’ve bought

  1. The House by Christina Lauren
  2. Say Her Name by James Dawson
  3. Anna Dressed in Blood by Kendare Blake
  4. A Drop of Night by Stefan Bachmann
  5. Resurrection Engines by Scott Harrison
  6. The Promise by Melody Grace
  7. Girl of Nightmares by Kendare Blake
  8. Forget Tomorrow by Pintip Dunn
  9. HP and the Chamber of Secrets, illustrated edition
  10. Metaltown by Kristen Simmons (Fairyloot October)

That’s way more books that I intended to buy, but I’m happy with each of them. The Promise was a very impulsive buy: I saw the cover and immediately ordered it. No regrets so far! 😀

Also the HP illustrated edition is just gorgeousssssss  😍

What have you bought and read during the month of October? Feel free to link your own wrap up in the comments!

Release Blitz: The Lost Codex!


Today we are celebrating the release of THE LOST CODEX by Heather Lyons. This is the 4th, and final, book in The Collectors’ Society series. Be sure to check out the buy links below for it and the previous books in the series.

thelostcodex_ebook_450x675THE LOST CODEX by Heather Lyons – (The Collectors’ Society, #4)

PURCHASE NOW: Amazon US | Amazon UK | iBooks

Allies, once inseparable, splinter until they break apart.

An insidiousness carves its way through Wonderland, challenging the land’s very existence.

Battle lines will be drawn as pages, long languishing in darkness, are finally illuminated.

Swords will clash, blood will be spilled, and lives will be lost.

For what is written can still be erased.

Haven’t started this series yet? Don’t worry!

Book #1, THE COLLECTORS’ SOCIETY will be FREE till tomorrow: Amazon US | Amazon UK | iBooks | Kobo

Book #2, THE HIDDEN LIBRARY: Amazon US | Amazon UK | iBooks | Kobo | Nook

Book #3, THE FORGOTTEN MOUNTAIN: Amazon US | Amazon UK | Kobo | Nook


 About Heather:

Heather Lyons is known for writing epic, heartfelt love stories often with a fantastical twist. From Young Adult to New Adult to Adult novels—one commonality in all her books is the touching, and sometimes heart-wrenching, romance. In addition to writing, she’s also been an archaeologist and a teacher. She and her husband and children live in sunny Southern California and are currently working their way through every cupcakery she can find.

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