Tips to protect your pretty books


This post is for all of you who want to keep your books in TOP condition while reading!

When I read hardcovers, I take off the jacket and leave it on my shelves. I do not like reading with it as it’s so awkward to hold when you open your book.

Because of this though, I used to always get my hardcovers dirty or damaged. Not BAD though, but you know… still a tiny spot that will bug me forever *looks at my Queen of Shadow copy with pain in my heart*

I had enough of it and started a research on how I could prevent damaging my beautiful (and expensive) books. Here are my three to-go tips!

#1 Wrapping paper


Golden wrapping paper looks damn fine!

This is in my opinion the best tip for those paperbacks that come in all different sizes!

Especially now, stores are bursting with school supplies. Take advantage of it and buy a bunch of colored or patterned paper. When starting a book, wrap it the same way you would do with a schoolbook (but with more love πŸ˜€ )

Simple, though the paper can only be used once. Personally, I don’t think this is a 100% safe tip, but it would be useful in a bookish emergency. And if you still have rolls of unused wrapping paper, why not use it for a good cause?

#2 Use a bookish bag

Okay, minor spoiler alert if you haven’t received the September Fairyloot box, but included was a small (sort of) ‘tote bag’ just big enough to put a book in it. This is AMAZING to protect them from possible scratches of objects in your handbag (like keys).

Didn’t order this bookbox and can’t find a mini bag online in the right size? No problem! Get those sewing supplies out and make one yourself!

Is sewing not your thing? Buy a cheap laptop sleeve. They are often made from a thick and soft material which is perfect for a book!


3. (BEST TIP) Buy book sleeves

Okay, this tip is not recommended for paperbacks, but it’s still the BEST thing EVER.

Book sleeves/jackets are life savers!! You should be able to find them in stores with school supplies or maybe even on Amazon. There are plastic versions, but I recommend the stretchy kind.

Remove the dust jacket of your hardcover and slip it around your book. It’s easy, reusable and super cheap!

Like in tip two, if you can sew, then definitely try to make one yourself. I’ve already seen plenty of tutorials on YouTube! Go with a matching color or go crazy with the patterns πŸ˜€

Which one do you think it’s the best tip?

Do you have some personal recommendations too? Feel free to tell me in the comments!Β  πŸ˜‰


4 thoughts on “Tips to protect your pretty books

  1. Great tips! Usually, I wrap my books using plastic wrappers instead of paper so I don’t have to take it off afterwards, and because it’s clear, I can still see the book covers. Plus it keeps my books safe from scratches haha πŸ˜€

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