Fairyloot Unboxing: August “Dark Deeds” box


FairyLoot is a monthly subscription box (single purchase is also available) that contains one hardcover of a new YA release, 3-4 bookish items and some signed swag if possible. They’re located in the UK and ship WORLDWIDE! A single purchase is £26 and shipping cost are really reasonable, so we have finally a bookish box that’s affordable for Europeans!  #YES

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Theme of the month: DARK DEEDS

The theme is said to be perfect for fans of people who love bad guys!

Dark bad boys with a (somewhat? 😀 ) golden heart are my fav. I say YES to Draco, Rhysand and many others! ♥ ♥


ITEM #1: Malfoy Quote coaster designed exclusively by @bookotter

Like, I said before: YES TO DRACO! And I love this quote!

ITEM #2: Animorphia Colouring Notebook which was by @kerbyrosanes and @omarabooks

CAN I FREAK OUT FOR A BIT?! This notebook/coloring book is damn gorgeous! Yesterday I actually wanted to color a bit, but I was scared to use it haha 😀 It’s so pretty that I don’t want to ruin it with my lack of coloring/writing talent! :p

ITEM #3: Rhysand soap from @behindthe_pages

I was actually hoping this would be a Rowan soap, because I already own the Rhys soap (th full size though). But it’s okay, I think this cute little sample will be perfect for my friend who’s jut finished the book and slightly obsessing haha 😀

ITEM #4: The Dark Side exclusive candle by @geekyclean

Okay, Anissa said it smelled like Fruitloops. I have never tasted Fruitloops, but the smell of the candle is AMAZING! I cannot wait to lit it on dark and rainy days!

ITEM #5: Assassin Nail Decals made exclusively by @howstoreofficial

Sadly, this is my least favorite thing of the box… I’m 100% I will never use it…

THE BOOK: Nevernight by @misterkristoff with swag

THIS BOOK THO! Oh my god. It’s beautiful inside and out! 😮 I think it’s one of the most beautiful design I’ve ever seen! I will have to make time for a full photoshoot of this book for Instagram 😀 It’s THAT beautiful! 😍😍

And the book itself! Oh my god, it looks so good. I had heard of it before, but it wasn’t on my tbr yet. I didn’t think it was for me. Boy, I was wrong. I will have to read this book ASAP!

Incuded as swag was a letter from the author, a bookplate, a bookmark (forgot to include it in the picture below…) and a postcard from the cover. Just stunning!!


knipselThis is it for this unboxing! What did you think of it? What’s your favorite item? 😉 (Mine is obviously the book!)

Next month’s theme is Magic & Mayhem and I’m SO excited!!! It will include six goodies and a book which is perfect for fans of the Grisha series and A Darker Shade of Magic. I’m so curious for the book already 😀

See you then for another unboxing!




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