Summer update & TBR August

Yes!!!! Time for my summer vacation to start! I have only one day left to work and then I’m leaving on Tuesday for almost three weeks in the US! I’ll be doing a road trip through Los Angels, Las Vegas & San Francisco and I’m SO EXCITED.

PS: For an occasional update, you can follow my personal instagram @melissacuratolo 🙂

Now, obviously, I’m not leaving you with nothing to read on my blog! I worked a lot to prepare as much possible for these three weeks. I’ve scheduled at least one post every 2-3 days. Everything will be automatically published (let’s hope everything shows up nicely!).

I hope you will like all of them and that it will feel like I’m not even gone 😀

Anyways, as we’ll be often on the road, I have prepared a little TBR. I will bring a loaded Kindle with me (obviously), but the following books are currently on the top of my TBR!

  1. Queen of Shadows

No idea, if I’ll be able to finish it or if I’ll read it in between reads, but I NEED a reread before starting Empire of Storms. I cannot believe it’s already been a year by the way! It feels like yesterday that I was sobbing in my bed because it was over. Well, time flies 😀

  1. Desolation

When I read Demon Road last year, I was OBSESSED. It was one of those books I never thought I would end up being obsessed about. I wasn’t even sure I would enjoy it. Naturally, I was dying to read the sequel Desolation which would be released in May. However… because of my bookish OCD I couldn’t bear to buy an edition that wouldn’t fit with my first book… soooooooo you probably already know what I did. I’ve been sulking until the end of July like a desperate child 😀 But now it is FINALLY HERE.

  1. The Unexpected Everything

Morgan Matson is an author that surprised me with her writing. It’s light, easy and very addictive.  I found this out while reading Since You’ve Been Gone. I have no idea what The Unexpected Everything is about, but I expect to love it either way!

  1. It Ends With Us

Colleen Hoover = auto buy = feels. No further explanation needed I think.

  1. Never Never Part 2 (reread) & Part 3

I haven’t read P3 yet, because I can’t remember what happened in P2 😀 So I will be rereading P2 for sure. I remember loving it so much. I was frustrated with the cliffhanger though, so I hope I won’t be disappointed with P3 as it’s the last one in this series!

  1. The Falconer

I have already started this book to be honest. I read like 60 ish pages and then put it on hold because I received a very anticipated release. However (shame on me), afterwards I kind of forgot about it… Another reason why I want to read it, is because I received a finished copy of the sequel: “ The Vanishing Throne” from the publisher Chronicle Books!

  1. The Kiss of Deception

Simple: this book has been on my tbr for WAY to long. I need to get started with this series!!! Also the third book has been published a few days ago and it bothers me so much I’m not caught up 😀

I hope I can read at least half of these!

What about you? What are your plans for August and what’s on your own tbr? 😉 Let me know in the comments!


4 thoughts on “Summer update & TBR August

  1. Ugh! You have such awesome picks! I knew I should have read Demon Road! I’m getting on that ASAP! I’m with you on The Kiss Of Deception, own the first 2 books & now I keep coming across book 3 with wanting eyes 😂😂😂 enjoy your trip! 💕

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