Fairyloot Unboxing: June Box


FairyLoot is a monthly subscription box created by Anissa. It contains one hardcover of a new YA release, 3-4 bookish items and some signed swag if possible. They’re located in the UK and ship WORLDWIDE! A single purchase is £26 and shipping cost are really reasonable, so we have finally a bookish box that’s affordable for Europeans!  #YES

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The theme of June was “CLASSIC TWIST”.  Okay. My experience with classics isn’t the greatest…. I had to read “The Reader” for my Dutch class when I was 16/17 years and saying that I hated it is such an understatement. Since then I haven’t been able to enjoy a classic. I feel like I have a curse over me…

Classics with a TWIST though, now that’s another story! I love those and that’s why I was pretty excited for this box! And even more after knowing what was in this one 😀 ‘Cause yes, I spoiled myself on purpose haha.


Again, we got a full sized FunkoPop! I love Funko’s so I was super excited when I opened my box. Fairyloot sent out two versions and I got Mr. Darcy. Ahum. Okay, please don’t kill me, but I have no idea why everyone is obsessed with Mr. Darcy because I have not read or seen Pride and Prejudice… *smiles shyly*. Maybe I should at least watch the movie, because I really like this cute Funko! )


Next up we got these cute colored items! An exclusive Brontë’s Secret Candle from William and Joseph and a set of three literary quotes bookmarks from Fable and Black!

The candle smells very flowery and looks so fancy! Seems to be a perfect candle for when I take a bath 😍🌸 And I’m love with the three bookmarks. I love the quotes and the are so bright in color. I’m definitely going to use them often  💜


In the midst of purple Fairyloot worms, I also found a beautiful pair of swallow earrings from House of Wonderland and a Chapter 5 ‘Proud to be Bookish’ bracelet!

Okay. I need to calm down because I could buy EVERY SINGLE THING of House of Wonderlands shop! YOU CAN MAKE A CUSTOM NECKLACE WITH THE PICTURE OF YOUR PET OMG #WANT 😂 Anyway, I love the earrings and I’m definitely going to wear them! 😊


Before I share the book we got, let me also tell you something about the Mini Pride and Prejudice watercolor poster!

First of, it’s beautiful! I’m usually not a fan of pink, but this one is just gorgeous 😍

Second, I’m very glad Anissa decided to print out the posters on the same type of paper as the ‘theme card’. The solid texture of the paper makes it much easier to hang up or display on my shelves! Previous posters were printed on a more… uh ‘fluffy’ paper? I don’t know how you call it 😂 But they were rolled up it was kind of hard to hang up. So, very good decision!! Now let’s fangirl about the book, shall we? 😉

The book & #FairyChat discussion


OH YES. ARE YOU SEEING THIS GORGEOUS COPY OF IVORY AND BONE?! It’s said to be a prehistoric fantasy with allusions to Pride and Prejudice. (Again, I haven’t seen or watched P&P, but I’ll make sure to get familiar with it before starting this beauty!)

To be honest, it wasn’t on my tbr before I got this box. But I joined the #FairyChat last Sunday and all the other bookbloggers made me so excited for it! Seriously, the FairyChat is THE BEST! I joined only two times, but both times were super fun! This time, Julie (the author of the book) joined too and I got to ask her a question which made me even more ridiculously excited:

Sounds amazing right?! I’m so excited to start it!!

Included with the book are the following: a letter from the author which has been signed, a signed bookplate, a postcard and a bookmark! All such pretty goodies 😍

Also, my fairyloot buddy for this box is #FAIRYLOOTFLORA! If you have the same, don’t hesitate to contact me so we can fangirl together 😀

That’s it for this box! Despite the fact that the genre was a bit risky for me, I adored this box! I’m a very happy subscriber of Fairyloot and I don’t think I’ll ever want to miss a box 😀

Next month’s box has the theme ” PIRATES & POWER”! I’m super stoked because it will not only have one book and 5 items, but also an ARC of a highly anticipated release for 2017! Keep an eye open for the next unboxing!

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed it! 🙂



5 thoughts on “Fairyloot Unboxing: June Box

  1. UGH! I’m experiencing a major case of FOMO aka “Fear of Missing Out” LOL. I love everything in this box, I joined their e-mail listing because I really want…more like NEED, this box! lol Enjoy the book & that candle & those cute earrings 🙂

    & those bookmarks…

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