Fairyloot Unboxing: May box


FairyLoot is a monthly subscription box (single purchase is also available) that contains one hardcover of a new YA release, 3-4 bookish items and some signed swag if possible. They’re located in the UK and ship WORLDWIDE! A single purchase is £26 and shipping cost are really reasonable, so we have finally a bookish box that’s affordable for Europeans!  #YES

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Theme of the month:

The theme of the May box is HIGH FANTASY! It was said that if you’re a fan of The Winners KissThe Lord of the Rings and The Impostor Queen then this box is perfect for you. I haven’t read any of those three, but I still couldn’t resist buying the box 😀 I didn’t want to regret it afterwards especially because the past boxes have been so awesome!

The items

For this box, Fairyloot collaborated with My Clockwork Castle to create this exclusive dragon bracelet! It’s not something I’d wear in my daily life, but I admit that it looks pretty cool!


The second item is a Game of Thrones Mystery Mini Funko! Okay, I do not watch GoT (although I know A LOT about it), but I was so excited to get this! I was dying to have a mini dragon and guesssss whaaaaat! 😀


Then I found a Minimalist Legolas poster, created by Fairyloot itself. To be honest… I had to google from what this was from because I didn’t immediately recognized it 😀 I don’t have much use to it as I’m not a fan, but it’s still well made!


The next two items are: a Dragon Age Sticker from SparksCrafts and a pastel Dragon Pocket Mirror from Melissa Nettleship. I’m really loving the dragon items! The mirror has a super handy format and it’s already in my make-up bag!


The book

Aaaaaahhhhh, THE BOOK IS AWESOME!!!! I’m SO glad we got Ruined by Amy Cintera! As mentioned by Fairyloot, Ruined is a tale of high fantasy, revenge, romance and dashing princes. Dashing princes you say? Hell yeah, give it to me!! (Read the blurb on Goodreads here).

Together with the book, we got some swag: a bookmark, a signed bookplate, a handwritten letter from the author and a gorgeous postcard of a couple. I AM SO EXCITED!

My buddy for this box is #FAIRYLOOTMAGIC. If it’s you, come find me! 😉


My thoughts

Overall, I enjoyed this box! Not as much as the previous ones, but that’s because I was unfamiliar with a few fandoms. But it’s okay! I’m very happy with my little dragon and especially with the book. I think that’s the most important for me: if I enjoy the book, then I don’t mind if I cannot use/like some of the items. If I’d have to add a rating to this box, I would say 3.5/5 stars.

Next month’s theme is Classic Twist! Again not a genre I’m very familiar with, and yet, I’m so excited for ‘the twist’! I have no idea what to expect but I’m very curious. Have you also ordered a June box? Let me know in the comments! 😉


The full box!



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