Fairyloot Unboxing: April Box


FairyLoot is a monthly subscription box (single purchase is also available) that contains one hardcover of a new YA release, 3-5 bookish items and some signed swag if possible. They’re located in the UK and ship WORLDWIDE! A single purchase is £26 and shipping cost are really reasonable, so we have finally a bookish box that’s affordable for Europeans!  #YES

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Theme of the month: Intrigue

First of all, starting from this month we have the gorgeous black boxes! Unfortunately the stupid mail man stuck a huge sticker on half of the Fairyloot on my box… But besides that, it’s gorgeous. The quote on the outside of the box looks super fancy!

Anyway, the theme is Intrigue! At first I didn’t know what to think of this theme because I didn’t know this word had two meanings… I saw it as as the verb meaning “fascinate” or “curious” or “interesting“. But it’s the noun that has been used this time, meaning “the secret planning of something illicit or detrimental to someone.” So that was a little confusing to me because when I opened the box, I was expected a mystery or thriller or so. Of course I was super happy with what I got!

The items

The first thing I saw when opening was this gorgeous Funkopop! For some reason I was expecting a Funko in this box and I’m so glad I got one. And especially PEETA! ❤ In the boxes that have been sent, not everyone got the same, so I’m super lucky I got Peeta and not a character I didn’t really like 😉


The second this is this super cute poster created by Behind the Pages. This has been created exclusively for FairyLoot which is super cool! I think I’ll laminate it and put it up on my shelves.


Next up we have this deliciously smelling candle! It smells like vanilla bean and it’s awesome! I swear, every time I spot the candle I smell it. I love it so much! And as it’s created by Fairyloot, I hope we’ll get more of them. ‘Cause nobody can have enough candles 😉


Then we got some cute promo goodies! First we have this little preview of The Wrath and the Dawn by Renée Ahdieh. This is my current read and it’s AMAZING. If this book isn’t familiar to you yet, make sure you look it up on Goodreads because it’s so damn good!


The second promo goodie are the temporary gem tattoos. Yes, I know it’s upside down on the picture below, but I was so excited when I saw these, that I didn’t notice it haha 😀 These are so gorgeous! I’ll definitely use them for a cosplay or just for fun during the summer #shinebrightlikeagem


And last but certainly not least, we have the most gorgeous bookmark e-v-e-r, created by Fairyloot itself too. On one side it’s this abstract purple-ish art. On the other side is a quote saying “Never assume you’ll have to follow the destiny someone else has spelled out for you.” (you’ll see a picture of it with the book) It’s just gorgeous 😍💜


The book

And the book issssss… *drumroll*… The Glittering Court by Richelle Mead! Richelle is the amazing author of the Vampire Academy and the Bloodlines series. The Glittering Court is a brand-new series which tells the story of Adelaine, a countess, that poses as a servant to escape an arranged marriage ans start a new life in Adoria, the New World. But if she wants to do this, she needs to join The Glittering Court. Doesn’t this sound awesome??!! ❤

Fairyloot also includes a hashtag. Someone else in the world got the same hashtag and you’re supposed to look for that person through social media. If we find each other, we can arrange a buddy read or just talk about the book together.

I already found my buddy and it’s the booktuber Casey Ann! So excited that I got paired up with her! She’s amazing and hopefully we’ll find a good time to buddy read this book!


My overall thoughts

So obviously, I’m ridiculously happy with this box. I loved the previous one but this one was even better! I’ve seen a lot of bookish box around on social media, but this one is by far the best ever. You can clearly see that the boxes have been packaged with so much care. The quality of the items is amazing and like I said in my previous unboxing, it’s so worth its price! I’m so happy ❤

I already can’t wait to receive next month’s box! The theme is “High Fantasy” and I’m dying to see which goodies will be included. They announced that there will be an exclusive item from My Clockwork Castle! OMG *happy dance*

The May boxes are already sold out, but they just put the June boxes on sale! The theme is “Classic twist”, so definitely check out their site!


The full box!



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