Wattpad recommendation: The Dead Boy and the Papercut

Cait (from Paper Fury), I’m totally blaming you, because you ruined me. I had made a wonderful plan for today. I was going to prepare posts for my blog, attempt to finish my current read, make some bookish Instagram pictures and then… *woosh* all this organization vanished when I found out about that one particular Wattpad story…

Titl31978582-176-k904666e: The Dead Boy and the Paper Cut
By: Paper_Fury
Genre: YA, ghost, murder/mystery
Status: ongoing (23 chapters so far)

Seventy years ago 16-year-old Thomas Murphy was murdered with an orange hardback book. With his ghost bonded to the 457-pages, he becomes a cantankerous poltergeist. (Kill a cat. Break a window. Mild stuff.) But it’s eye-for-eye. If he kills his murderer, Thomas’ ghost will rest. Except Thomas can’t move his own book.

When Moxie Smith, deaf and lonely, picks up the orange hardback, Thomas haunts her home. If he can convince her a) not to burn his book and b) help him find his killer, he’ll be on the way to freedom. And, bonus: Moxie’s deafness doesn’t apply to ghosts. As they track down Thomas’ murderer, the two build a friendship on books, coffee beans, and lessons on how-to-walk-through-walls. Moxie can hear again! Her life is perfect! Until she realizes she just signed up to help a ghost kill a dude who’s about 80-years-old… It sounded better in her head.

[Link to Wattpad]

ARE YOU INTRIGUED?! You still won’t be ready for this book. I think the blurb of this book doesn’t do justice to the wonderful story Cait has written so far!

It’s EPIC. It’s been so long since I’ve enjoyed reading something like this. To be honest, the last time I had that much fun was while reading Queen of Shadows by Sarah J. Maas. Okay, I know, they’re not very comparable, because they’re totally different in genre. But the feelings I got from both are quite similar. I just binge read ALL 23 PARTS in an afternoon and I’M DESPERATE IN NEED OF MORE. This is so thrilling and exciting!

The writing, despite his little flaws, is so good. It’s easy and quick to read and it captures your attention very good. The story line is even better. It’s funny, mysterious and heartbreaking at the same time. I just loved it. Oh and PLOT TWISTS! So many, I did not expect!! Argh, it’s really epic (I can’t seem to say anything else haha) and I really hope you’ll consider reading this too.

Anyway, I reaaaaaaaally hope she’ll update this book soon and once it’s finished I hope she’ll be able to publish it in an actual book. I would promote the hell of this. I’m a BIG fan if you couldn’t already tell *smiles broadly*


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