2016, here we go… or not?


My shelves! (Originally posted on my instagram @melissa_reads)

Slumps are bad. Slumps that have been going on for over three months are bad. Slumps happening during the end of the year when you’re supposed to finish up your challenges are the worst ever.

Here I was, hiding in my hole of darkness during the last three months of 2015. My challenges are all ruined and I feel so ashamed. Of the six challenges I had in 2015, I managed to finish one. ONE.

  • Read 80 books (was originally 100) = FAILED (I read 76…)
  • Re-read all the Harry Potter books = FAILED (I read until half of the last book)
  • Get my owned-books-tbr down = FAILED (who am I kidding? Did I ever think I could do this?)
  • Finished the Mortal Instruments series = FAILED (I didn’t even opened the 5th book in the past year…)
  • Complete the Yvonne & Melissa challenge = FAILED (I read 2 of the 9 books… sorry Yvonne! 😦 )
  • Succeed 70% of my bookish challenge, where I read a book of a certain type/genre = SUCCEEDED HALLELUJAH!

Did you also just cringed while reading this? Yeah, me too. Partly I know why I have been in such a slump (I’ve been having other things on my mind) but on the other side, maybe it’s because I’m starting to let go of my ‘obsession’ with books? I don’t really know. I still love reading, and I still freak out for the little fandom things, but ugh… It isn’t the same anymore. I feel a bit “detached” from the bookish world lately. Maybe there’s more behind the slump and I just haven’t figured out exactly why yet. The thought of quitting with my blog passed through my mind several times too… I haven’t been posting regularly anymore and I hate that. Gah, it’s so messed up.

But! I think I’m slowly getting out of my slump though. I’ve been picking up books again while traveling to work and I read a bit more at home before sleeping too. I hope it will get me motivated again to start reviewing and blogging more! So I’m not yet giving up! I’m trying guys, I’m trying!  😀 So, I still set up some little challenges for me in 2016! It’s not much, but I hope it will help me to get back on the reading-wagon 😉

  • Read 50 books for the Goodreads challenge (view progress)
  • Listen to 5 audiobooks
  • Read 5 – 10 comics/graphic novels
  • Complete the Bingo Challenge by Yvonne (read more here!)
  • Re-read 2 favorites
  • Finish 3 to 5 series (or catch up with the last release at least)
  • Read more blogs regularly
  • Read 80% of my owned books

I really hope I’ll be able to succeed these challenges! They are pretty easy and right now I’m very hopeful 😀

How was your 2015 reading year? Any challenges for 2016 you set up for yourself? Lots of of love and best wishes for 2016 to you all! ❤



2 thoughts on “2016, here we go… or not?

  1. Oh, don’t you worry so much about the challenges! I failed mine too … well, 2 out of 4, so I only completed half of it which is not THAT good either. 😛 I’ve come to the decision that, for me, challenges are only guidelines – I will probably NEVER complete one but at least I’m trying and that makes me read different books that I wouldn’t have picked up otherwise … so in a way, that’s already a success!

    We’ve been talking quite a bit about the “quitting” thing and I almost didn’t think you’d want to try again – which is fine as well! I know how it feels when blogging becomes work instead of a hobby and it sucks. I’ve been there as well but taking a break helps a lot! Maybe you just need that? A break? From EVERYTHING? We (especially me) would still love you loads. 😀 ♥

    It’s awesome that you want to try though and if you ever need help, I’m here! If you need me to kick your ass to read a certain book or complete a challenge – I’M HERE. I’m good at kicking ass and annoying people, WOOHIIJAAA! *insert ninja cry here* 😀

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    • I really needed this haha 😀 You’re THE BEST!
      I would definitely need some help to get some inspiration again! Cause right now, I have no idea’s for any blogposts… I’ll have to brainstorm for a good while 😀

      So yes, sss-kicking is always welcome! 😀


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