Book fair & Harry Potter

Yesterday I had a very bookish day! I went to the “Boekenfestijn” in Brussels. It’s some sort of fair and they sell books for a super low prize! This edition was a little bit disappointing because the section of English books was very little… I still managed to find 5 books for less than 18 EUR! Which is pretty impressive, if I say so myself 😀


I’m EXTREMELY happy with my first edition copy of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows! ❤ Especially because it’s a hardcover and it was only €4! I’d love to own all first editions one day (it would be my third set then 😀 )

I hope I’ll love the four other books too! The Eye of Minds has been on my tbr for a long time now. The three others (Rage Against The Dying, Hysteria, The Traitor Game) are completely new to me. Their gorgeous covers caught my attention so I’m very excited to start reading them. Have you read them yet?

Yesterday, I also received my illustrated Harry Potter copy! It wasn’t supposed to arrive before next Tuesday. It was so unexpected so I kind of freaked out when opening the package. It’s so damn gorgeous!!!!!! ❤ Have you bought your copy already?


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