*On vacation*

If you’re reading this, I’m probably packing everything last minute or trying to catch up with Pretty Little Liars before I’m leaving. You guessed it, I’m going to travel again! This and the next week I’ll be in Punta Cana (Dominican Republic).

Yep, this is where I’m going… Hmmm…

But don’t worry,  I prepared some posts for you! I’ve been so unorganized lately that I just forced myself to put my shit together and catch up with my reviews 😀

Here’s the schedule for the next days:

Tuesday August 11th: A very Harry Potter Birthday (about my London trip)

Wednesday August 12th: Recent Release

Thursday August 13th: July wrap up & haul (better late than never right? :D)

Friday August 14th: Friday Finds
Saturday August 15th: Review of “Ten Tiny Breaths” by KA Tucker
Sunday August 16th: Review of “Magonia” by Maria Dahvana Headley
Monday August 17th: Review of “The Assassin’s Blade” by Sarah J. Maas
Tuesday August 18th: Review of “White Hot Kiss” by Jennifer L. Armentrout (*)
Wednesday August 19th: Recent Release
Thursday August 20th: Review of “Heir of Fire” by Sarah J. Maas (*)
Friday August 21st: Friday Finds
Saturday August 22nd: Review of “Stone Cold Touch” by Jennifer L. Armentrout (*)

I hope you will like these reviews and make sure to comment your thoughts on them. I’ll respond when I’ll be back on Saturday 22nd (or Sunday 23th if I’m too tired :D).

In case you’re interested: I’ll be sharing some vacation pictures on Instagram.
You can follow me at @melissacuratolo (personal account) & @melissa_reads (bookish account)

Hope you’re all enjoying your summer so far! See you! ❤

(*) Hopefully they will be finished on time! If they’re not posted, please bare with me 🙂

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