Eat It #2: My milkshake brings all my book boyfriends to the yard!

“Eat It” is a new feature I’m starting on my blog. I love baking but since I don’t want to waste my precious reading time messing up everything in the kitchen, I like to do simple but delicious treats I can devour while reading. So why not share my inventions with you guys? Read my previous recipes here.

In my dictionary summer means tons of homemade milkshakes. I mean seriously, what’s better than enjoying an ice cold milkshake while reading a good book? Right? 😉

On of my favorite fruits to use in a milkshake are bananas! I love the creaminess it brings and the taste is always like heaven to me. And only recently I’ve found out how much I love coconut. I tried to combine it with bananas and OH MAN. Best decision EVER!

So here’s my own creation, although it’s probably not the most unique one 😉 By the way, you won’t need any ice cream for this recipe! Now you’re probably like “WHAATT???!! How the hell can you make a milkshake without the best part??!!” . That’s just the thing, the best part isn’t the ice cream, it’s bananas! Keep reading to find out why 😉

 What you will need for one (big) serving:

Side note: the amounts of every ingredients is totally up to you! If you want more banana or coconut, just don’t think about it too much, just add it 😉 The amounts I’m giving you right now, it just to give you a little idea.

– 1 banana
– 150 ml coconut milk or cream
– 100 ml (or less) regular milk or soy milk or… any other milk 😀
– honey (optional)
– ice cubes (optional)

Step one: freeze it!

Like I said, you won’t be needing ice cream for this recipe, because we are freezing the banana! Just slice up your banana in rough pieces and place it for 15 to 20 minutes in the freezer. It will make your whole milkshake creamy and well… cold 😀 Plus, without the ice cream your milkshake will be less rich in calories!

Extra tip: you can always keep a cut up banana in your freezer (although I wouldn’t keep it longer than 2-3 days). That way you can make a milkshake in a matter of minutes when you’re craving one.

Step two: mix it up

Now, you just mix everything together. Put everything in your blender (banana, coconut milk/cream and milk) and mix it for 15-20 seconds until everything is smooth. When everything is smooth it’s up to you to adjust the thickness of your milkshake. Add more milk until you have the consistence you like.
When I’m making this I always use banana/coconut soy milk. I find that when I use too much ‘regular’ milk I’m loosing the taste of the banana or coconut.

Step three: enjoy while imagining the boys in your garden

You can finish it up by going Starbucks-style and add a little bit of honey on top of your milkshake right before serving.  But honestly? Add whatever you want as topping!
Caramel, whipped cream, chocolate, coconut rasp… everything you like 😉




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